Railway Raju (2017)


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The two gangs , the Bhaiyaji Gang at the Tulsi Ghat is at war with the Suleman Kureshi Gang of Benaras. Raju is the star wrestler of the Bhaiyaji gang and is pulled into the life of crime in this battle. Maya is a girl living along the Ganges river and is kidnapped into a Shotgun marriage with a drunkard doctor. Raju and Maya fall in love and are separated by the life of crime of Raju. He is drawn to the seductive Rosie who is a dancer in Banaras but returns to Maya. Finally, Ganga explodes with the gang war and Raju and Maya’s love.

Director: Dinkar Rao
Writers: Antara Rao, Dinkar Rao
Stars: Ranvir Singh, Piyu Chauhan, Sonu Sonkar

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