Architects of Denial (2017)


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Though both the historical and modern-day persecution of Armenians and other Christians is relatively uncovered in the mainstream media and not on the radar of many average Americans, it is a subject that has gotten far more attention in recent years. It was during and after World War I that the Ottoman Empire carried out the systematic mass murder of what is estimated by many to be 1.5 million Christian citizens, most of them Armenian, but also Greek and Assyrian Christians. To this day, the Armenian people are persecuted in the Middle East for their beliefs – and many are kept from their true home. Turkey, which is the successor state to the Ottoman Empire, still denies the extent and the systematic nature of the atrocities and doesn’t use the word genocide for these well-documented events. Other governments officially deny the Armenian Genocide as well because of political pressure by their ally Turkey. “Architects of Denial” not only digs into the persecution of Armenians and other Christians in the Middle East, both past and present, but it also sheds light on those politicians who refuse to acknowledge an event scholars accept as a sad reality and historical fact.

Stars: Julian Assange, Jonathan Babington-Heina, George Clooney

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